About The Artist

Hello there! My name is Ayla, and I'm a 29 year old chasing that dream about a decade later than I would've liked. Born and raised near Sacramento California, I currently reside in Denver Colorado, enjoying all the bands that come through town while working my 9 to 5 and my 5 to 9.

Ever since I was a child, I've always been fascinated with horror and the macabre. One of my earliest memories is having a figurine of John Carpenter's The Thing beside my bed, with the mentality that it would eat any bad dreams that would come my way. My love of the horror genre has never gone away, and watching the way generations adapt and adjust our fears to the modern era has always been a fascination of mine.

That said, I also love beautiful works of art, and enjoy combining the two opposites into a more cohesive whole. If I can make art that's gorgeous at a first place but scary the longer you look at it, or vise versa, that's a huge win!

Last but not least, I do love some good TTRPGs, and in my free time I like to make miniatures for future games I would love to run.

All About Gigi

Gigi (named after the initials of my artist moniker) is my muse, and my testing palette for any fun ideas I may have. If I want to create something new or test my limits, she's the first thing I'll try it with. Whether it's new types of body horror, stretching the limits of my create capabilities, or trying a new way to mix mediums, she'll always be there.


Always and always and always.

About her as a character! Gigi is... well. Who's to say what she is? She certainly won't. She feeds off of fear, and enjoys tormenting the people around her with sudden displays of horror. The more dread she can inspire, the more powerful she gets.