Physical Products

Why Does Everything Say It's Sold Out Right Now?

Currently, I can only make so much product at a time. My priority is to have as much available for ark markets and shows as possible, but anything remaining afterward will go up on the website.

The Product Has Some Imperfections/Dings, What Gives?

All of my products are made with as much recycled material as possible, and are all painted by hand. I'm still learning, and I'm only human, so sometimes there will be imperfections. It's a large part of why I keep my prices lower than industry standard, and I make sure to show any issues with a product before purchase.

Whoa, why Is Your Packaging Full Of Plastic?

First off, thank you for the concern!

All of the plastic wrapping in my product boxes are being re-used from the original frame length shipments. Frame manufacturing companies will often send their frames, sometimes as long as 13 feet, in wrappings to protect them during transit. It reduces the chances of harm to the frame, but it also creates a lot of unrecyclable waste. I have no control over how frame manufacturers send their products, but I would rather give their wrapping a second life than send it straight to a landfill. Please, if possible, find some sort of use for the wrapping if you can.

A Frame I Like Hasn't Been Available For A Long Time, Why?

All of my frames are currently made from the remaining pieces of frame lengths from custom frame shops in my area. I take the scraps that would normally be thrown away, and save them up until I have enough of the same frame to make a piece out of. Because of this, sometimes it takes a long time for me to get enough material to make certain frames, and when a frame type is discontinued there's very little I can do to find more of it. I'll always keep pictures of past frames on the site, but in some cases, as little as one piece was made with a particular frame style.

Long Story Short, if you really like a particular frame on a piece, consider buying it if it's available. I can never guarantee that frame will be back in stock again.

How Do I Get A Refund/Replacement Product If Something's Wrong With My Piece?

In either case, please start by emailing me at Please send pictures of the product as it was when you opened the packaging, or explain what happened to the piece. From there, we can discuss what the next best course of action is and how I can make things right for you.

I do not offer returns/refunds/replacements after 14 days of you receiving your item. Please make sure to check the item as soon as possible.

Downloadable Products

Um... Where Are The Digital Products?

I'm glad you noticed!

99% of my time as an artist goes toward making physical products right now, but I have a DEEP desire to make miniatures for TTRPG games. Once I have enough downloadable content to share, I'll be offering them here along with my physical work.

Can I Get A Refund On Digital Goods?

No. As soon as you've purchased the product, you'll receive a downloadable .zip file. I can't refund for product at that point.